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Little Jed & the Phat Daddies are an acoustic multi-genre 5-piece roots band out of Millis, MA. Their sound is a mash of roots rock and old school country. They play a variety of instruments including guitars, violin, bass, keys, flute, a bit of horns and accordion, and lots of vocals. But it is the Manjo, a double neck marriage between the mandolin and banjo, which gives the signature to their sound and look.  

The Phat Daddies play regularly at The Chieftain Pub (Plainville), Lookout Farm (Natick), the Natick Elks, as well as outdoor events and festivals at Tangerini's Farm (Millis)..

 Check out the Tour Dates page to find our schedule and catch a show.


In the unforgiving winter of 2010-11, guitarist Jed Stefanowicz and singer Brian Steiner stopped shoveling their roofs, listened to their wives, and decided to start a band.  The yet unnamed duo quicklyrecruited the skills of guitar/bassist Doug Calais.  The result was a rapidly expanded and continually growing song catalog, a prolonged band-naming process, and the birth of the Hardest Working Band in MetroWest: Little Jed and the Phat Daddies

    Jessica Price has been a Phat Daddy since the age of 17 and joined Brian in simultaneously blending the Majesty of Rock with the Mystery of Roll adding flute, trumpet, tin whistle. Band performances feature rotating vocals and extended setlists, with varied arrangements of familiar songs featuring violin, mandolin, fiddle, flute, accordion, banjo, and the signature sound of the only Manjo in the world.  

Tim Roper brings violin, vocals, keyboards, and distinctive harmonica chops to the complete the scene! Phat daddies Doug, Jed and Tim have reclaimed Millis's once-famous claim of the worldwide home of the three-harmonica band, while percussionist Bob "Bobaloo" Hall brings the rhythm as the newest/oldest/wisest Daddy.  

Audiences also note a remarkable banner.  

2012-2013 began a tradition of "Socials" with many guests at the Rockville Chapel in Millis.   The intimate venue with kicking wood stove combined for memorable evenings for Phat Phans and guests near and wide. Although the chapel is no longer available, the Social Spirit remains, and Guest Daddies are a big part of the Phat experience to this day.


An early goal of the band was to raise funds to donate a desperately needed PA system to Mark Femino and the Millis Music Dept.  The Phat Daddies are proud regular sponsors of local arts and theater programs, as well as proud contributors to the Medway Community Farm's programming.  Local performers, both young and old, are frequently featured as Guest Daddies when the band performs.

   The Phat Daddies also wrote and recorded a song for Jack's Abby Brewery in Framingham.

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Little Jed and the Phat Daddies feature a  "Kokomanjo" look in tour shirts and car magnets.  They created  their own Manjo-Joe blend of Carabassett coffee, and have had their own named "Phat Daddy" sandwich at Isabella's in Millis.  

The Phat tour dates are regularly updated, and the band is always looking for new venue recommendations or contacts. Contact the band to schedule a show, house party, or special event.

 Phat & Happy, the debut CD of original material.

Carry The Water, the latest album!

The band's second CD is here!  Listen on Apple Music/Spotify

Stay tuned and stay Phat! 


Booking:  Doug Calais 828-230-3824