Tour Dates

9/22 Elks Lodge, Natick

10/14  Turtle Tavern, Milford

10/28 Chieftain Pub, Plainville

11/11 Lookout Farm Taproom, Natick

11/17 Elks Lodge, Natick

12/2 Chieftain Pub, Plainville

12/9 Lookout Farm Taproom, Natick

It's here for all to see:  the feature length documentary about the birth of a Manjo and a rare, behind-the-scenes history of your Phat Daddies.

Little Jed & the Phat Daddies are an acoustic multi-genre 5 piece roots band out of Millis, MA. Their sound is a mash of roots rock and old school country. They play a variety of instruments including guitars, violin, bass, keys, flute, a bit of horns and accordion, and lots of vocals.  But it is the Manjo, a double neck marriage between the mandolin and banjo, which gives the signature to their sound and look.

Lyric video for Thunder Rolls

Introducing our first video for Carry the Water!

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